Proven results since 1999

18 Years of Guitar playing success!

Guitar4All has been running since 1999, it was started in Cape Town by two working musicians, Sandy Voortman and Pete Stanford. Guitar 4 all moved to Johannesburg in 2001 where it has grown from strength to strength through the years. Due to the popularity of our courses,  we have now extented into the Pretoria region, opening a new branch in Irene to spread our passion for teaching guitar to all!
About guitar 4 all

Guitar4All Mission statement

Guitar4all ­is an interactive, professionally designed guitar tuition course for ALL guitar players…the only way to learn to play!

Who are the lessons geared for?

Absolute beginners…

We’ll get you playing your guitar in 12 weeks! Professional guitar teachers will guide you through the Beginner’s phase, to get you up and running. Everything we teach you in class or online is explained and demonstrated on a digital audio or CD support program – ­ your “24 hour teacher” to use at home! Playing along with the tunes is like jammin’ with your very own band!


Beyond Beginners…

Guitar4all offers 5 more logically linked courses (12 weeks each) to get you “out of that rut” and turn you into good guitar players. Give us a call (or email) and we’ll give you a free assessment, to see which course level you should join. Sample one of our FREE live online lessons today – Book here!

Most importantly…

Guitar playing is meant to be fun! Our group classes will introduce you to people who play on the same level as you. You’ll be jammin’ along together and making musical buddies in no time! Live and interactive online guitar lessons are also available if you cannot join the in-person group classes.