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How we teach

You come to class once a week for an hour-long group lesson, over a period of 12 weeks. Select a day and time-slot that suits you. Generally lessons are repeated twice a week, which offers you the added advantage of being able to attend an alternative timeslot for whatever reasons. This is very convenient should you miss a lesson.

The Guitar4All teaching method

  • In each class you have two teachers who work with the students, so nobody gets left behind. Don’t you worry ­ we watch you like hawks!
  • The Course CD acts as your “24-hour” teacher when you are away from the classroom. All the techniques taught in the classroom are explained and demonstrated on the CD.
  • The Course CD contextualises all the lessons we teach in the class, by getting the student to apply a specific technique to a specific song. In effect, it supplies the “playing field” for the students to apply what they have learnt from their teachers.

The Course CD acts as your “24-hour” teacher when you are away from the classroom.

  • The Course CD acts as a permanent reference. It can be used for the revision of techniques at any time.
  • Because Guitar 4 All courses have the “group dynamic” the individual student works harder during the week, to keep up with his or her class mates. There’s nothing like a bit of healthy competition…

how we teach Guitar 4 All Group classes
Guitar 4 All Group classes

NEXT SEMESTER – 20th May 2019

The next semester begins on Monday the 20th of May 2019.

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