Anybody can learn to play guitar­

…hence our name: Guitar4All 

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist!  You just need to be taught how to play guitar in a language you can understand!

Why learning to play Guitar with Guitar 4 All gets results!

We have an extremely practical, layman’s approach to teaching you how to play guitar. That’s why we get results!

  • Yes, we do teach music theory on our more advanced courses, but we refuse to allow it to terrify and intimidate our beginner players into giving up after their first lesson! Our goal here is to get the students playing first, i.e. to give them a “feel for the instrument”.
  • Once they can actually play a bit on the guitar, the theory becomes easier to understand in terms of its practical application.
  • Courses are extremely social and fun. Friends are made and students often form their own jamming groups.
  • The course co-ordinators organise evenings out (field trips) to expose the students to some of their favourite guitarists.

At the end of every 3-month semester the students perform (on a voluntary basis) at the Guitar 4 all students’ concert.

learn how to play guitar -fun group guitar courses

We encourage our students to get on stage, and put into practice what they’ve learned in class!