We have 8 guitar course levels available – Each guitar course level is designed logically, to help you progress as a guitar player from one level to the next.

What guitar course level should you choose? Some guidelines…

Do you have previous guitar playing experience?

If you have any previous guitar playing experience,  then let our Pro’s give you a free assessment to ensure that you get onto the appropriate level.  Contact Sandy to organise your free assessment!

Are you an absolute beginner?

If you don’t have any previous experience then we suggest starting with our beginners course which is aimed at the absolute beginner – learn the guitar 4 all way!

Absolute beginners­ you have nothing to fear!

The beginner’s course is aimed at turning the ABSOLUTE beginner into a decent guitar player in 12 weeks! We will help you with your instrument selection and we are able to source good guitar deals for you!

Learn the following in the beginners guitar course level 1:

  • Open chords
  • Basic strumming and fingerpicking techniques
  • The musical alphabet
  • Barre chords
  • How to Tune your guitar
  • Ensemble playing
  • Reading of chord diagrams

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